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Getting good consultation on your technology now is the wisest choice you can make for your business future!

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We're Logical

Often IT consultants get carried away with elaborate solutions that are far too costly or they implement a product that doesn’t work with the company process. We have perfected the art of ensuring the right business outcome for the lowest cost.

We're Professional

Do you want someone you can be ‘Frank’ with. We talk no nonsense and let you know everything is clearly spelt out on the table. If you already have IT staff, thats excellent. We will work with them and provide constructive feedback. If you don’t, we will be in and out, support you along the way, but not dragging development on or adding more cost to your bottom line.

We're Genius

We’ve avoided poor infrastructure set ups which originally cost the business 2 months of no customers. We’ve implemented scalable solutions that cater for any number of incoming customers. We’ve assess failed technology implementations and fixed the issue at the root of the problem for relatively low cost.

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We’re an IT Consulting Firm.

Consider us your ‘Personal IT Consultant’. We assess businesses IT infrastructure, process and implementation. Using our proven formula and expert IT knowledge we then formulate the best options for your business to enhance your customer experience and business profitability

IT Evaluation

To understand where you are headed we need to understand the current state of your system. This helps evaluate the good and the bad of the installed applications by us as your IT Consultant.

Custom software vs. Package Software

There are opportunities to use existing software, however if they don’t fit your business model, then we might suggest to write new code

Industry Best Practice

With 10 years or IT architectural experience you are in safe hands. Don’t make the mistakes that companies often fall into without consulting with the right people.

In house resources

If you need help with your current IT resources, or recruitment. We work with the existing team to implement and achieve the right outcome for you.

What does an IT Consulting firm do?

Think of IT consultants as your financial advisor for technology. They study it their whole lives to understand it and work on the best way to implement it. This means you are able to focus on your business, and have your IT work for you, not against you.

Detailed Services

Our Services

IT Audit Consultant

Having clear documentation about what is current implemented and how it is implemented is the first key to ensuring the right solution is chosen. We take the initial facts and data to ensure we are measuring the right outcomes for success.

Business Process Modeling

Having the process layed out with all the aspects of the business operations is the most important step in determining the efficiency improvement quotient. We often find amazingly easy quick wins for the business in this stage to improve day to day operations.

Staff Hiring & Evaluation

We are proficient in hiring amazing quality resources in to your business to support on going work, we also are able to perform current staff evaluations to ensure you are getting the most out of your team.

Technology Deployments & Improvements

Once we have identified the technology changes that can be made to improve your business. We walk you through each of the changes, the cost, the benefits and the risks of not implementing. Then you get to choose what you want or don’t want.

Apps Development

App development can sound like a great option, but it is also be costly. We provide you with the costs and all the alternatives to help you make the correct choice.

SEO and Content Optimisation

If you need web development or SEO enhancement to your website we provide these services.

Our Skills

We’re skilled in any aspect of technology and can ensure your business is successful.

With so many technology options available to businesses it helps to have a strong technology advocate who is your personal IT Consultant. Empower your business with the right solutions.

  • 01- Business Development

  • 02- Analysis

  • 03- Design

  • 04- IOS Development

  • 05- Android Development

Prior Work

Uplifted IT system

Uplifted IT system

Upgrade IT systems to faster and more quality systems with complete redundancy.

Build Custom Application

Build Custom Application

Building any type of application that will facilitate your business needs.

Application Installation

Application Installation

Implementing new software requires attention to resiliency and redundancy.

Software Evaluation

Software Evaluation

Ensure you get the right software but letting a professional spell out all the pros and cons.

Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud Infrastructure

The cloud enables speed, redundancy and availability. We make sure its done safely and securely.

Assisting your current IT team

Assisting your current IT team

Working with a team is what we do best, ensuring you get the most out of your man power.


Client Hours Saved


Projects completed


Positive feedback


Late night hours

Our Team

Jarom Denny

Jarom Denny


Jarom started his career in large corporate offices, and introduced solutions that saved millions of dollars, created fault tolerant solutions to ensure customers were never impacts and introduced new technology that made process and development lightning fast. After improving these solutions for very large organisations, I had the opportunity to bring the same technologies, techniques and skills to improve a local business. The business had a local server in the office that was a single point of failure. They had recently had issues where the server had an issue and all appointments were lost. I was able to implement fault tolerant technology that avoided the next catastrophe and saved the business thousands of dollars in lost appointments. This is when I had the desire and joy in helping local businesses.

Our Plans


$0/ once off

  • 1hr understanding business
  • All questions answered during the session
  • 15 min Comparative Analysis

Single Project

$220/ Hr

  • Unlimited planning sessions
  • Evaluation of Current environment
  • Options of new technologies and benefits
  • Efficiency and Resiliency assessment
  • Cost and Benefit document
  • Bring in development team
  • Work with existing development team
  • Hire new staff
  • Evaluate current staff

Lifetime Member

$150/ Hr

  • One Project Deal
  • 24/7 Hour access to services and assistance
  • Jump the queue for new project assessment
Lisa Burgess

Lisa Burgess

Mar 19, 2018

We’ve had a IT team working for us the whole time, but it wasn’t until I used Moonlight IT Consultancy to do a review that I really unlocked my business potential. I didn’t know we had so many critical risks and potential efficiencies. They saved my business and my money!

Mark Flynn

Mark Flynn

Dec 20, 2019

I needed a database update to return the data to make my business reports to help my clients. Jarom was able to understand the root of the problem was with manual data entry and showed me a way to automate the process. Once it was automated the database only needed minor tweaks to return the information I needed. I landed more clients than ever as we had a clear advantage!

Samantha Recaro

Samantha Recaro

Aug 02, 2020

Moonlight IT Consultancy was my 3rd attempt to fix our installation of a new product for our Optometrist clinic. We were about to give up, but Jarom knew what we were doing wrong and fixed it up in no time. With the new software installed running the practice became a breeze!

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Please contact us to understand you IT consulting needs. We have helped many businesses over the years establish better practices, faster processes and stronger resiliency against the continually demanding requirements of customers, the economy and the competition.

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