Moonlight Consultancy is an IT consultancy firm dedicated to empowering small and medium businesses with the information necessary to help make the best business decisions allowing them to take full control of their respective market. The best decisions are always those that are made with as much applicable information as possible. We make sure that you have access to all this information at your fingertips.

We are here to help a business at any stage

If you are asking questions like …

  • My business isn't going to survive the current COVID situation, how do I save it?

  • I've lost my job, how can my skills be used to earn an income?

  • Should I have a website to reach my audience?

  • Which company should host my website?

  • Do I need to hire someone for the Internet?

  • How do I protect my data from exposure of leakage?

  • Can I automate my daily tasks to make my business run faster?

  • The program I have currently doesn’t let me do something I really need, how can change that?

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Companies rely on technology to do a lot of tasks. However, most companies are not technology companies. We are there to show you how technology can enable your business to outperform the competition.

You don’t let your business stop working for days or even hours when it is critical, so we wont let technology do it either!